Thrift Shop Dry Hopped Malt Liquor – SILVER VALLEY BREWING

From Silver Valley Brewing out of Maple Ridge comes their “Thrift Shop Dry Hopped Malt Liquor”.  The beer pours a semi dark orange with a white head.  The aroma consists of orange citrus sweetness a hint of grain and just an overall pleasant fruity aroma.  The flavour is of oranges, orange peel and pith, some mild resin, low bitterness and grain in the finish.  This has a bit of a sweet finish on it.  The alcohol content comes in at 8.5% with an IBU of 30.  While I would never usually run to the words Malt Liquor this one is a nice take on the style and nothing like the swill in 40oz bottles.

Commercial Description:   I wanna buy some beer, only got $20 in my pocket, l-I’m hunting, looking for a lager, this is f#Sking awesome! We’ve taken a classic malt liquor recipe and  updated it using modern craft brewing  sensibilities. Balanced, clean, flavourful,  with plenty of citrusy hop aroma.  Pairs perfectly with a backyard BBQ and leisure suits.


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