Pacific Beer Chat

A group of like minded beer bloggers have come together to bring British Columbia (and anyone else that wants to listen or watch) a podcast. We cover the issues, events and beers that excite us and we hope to inform you and keep you entertained!

The cast of characters may vary but here are the principles. (Ordered from Oldest to Newest Members)

Mike G
Pacific Beer Chat


I am an avid outdoors man and hobby photographer who loves to spend as much time as possible exploring the beautiful backcountry of the Province of British Columbia and everywhere else! When not exploring nature though I am exploring Craft and Micro Brew beer locally and from around the world. If you love beer like I do please come on a journey for your taste buds. Who knows you just might find your next favorite beer!. I hold a Serving It Right Certification to serve alcohol in British Columbia. Began blogging carrier with Mike’s Craft Beer.

Cameron (Audio Editor)
Pacific Beer Chat

Cam has been an avid fan of Indie Beer since he tasted Phillips Brewing Blue Buck (then Blue Truck) while he was attending Uvic. Formerly the host and creator of the On Tap Podcast, Cam joined Pacific Beer Chat initially as an editor. Now bringing his knowledge of Beer Styles and Limited Homebrewing experience, Cam is Pacific Beer Chat’s Eastern Fraser Valley correspondent. “Beer is like Music, some people like Top 40, some people like experimental prog-rock or acid-jazz. Just like there is a song for everyone, there’s a beer for everyone!”

Jordan (Social Media)
Pitt Craft Beer Dad

I enjoy camping, hiking and outdoor activities. Spend most of my time at home with my daughter and wife. I’m also an avid craft beer enthusiast and run an instagram page showcasing all the beers I’ve enjoyed. I also have slowly started blogging on my website. I like to try all the latest hyped beers from around BC and Canada or wherever I can find. You can find me at a brewery or two on the weekends or festivals. I enjoy watching professional sports live as much as possible. NFL is life! Oh ya and I love animals especially dogs! Cheers


Warren Boyer is an award winning home and commercial brewer with over 20 years experience. He is a Certified Beer Judge, a Director with the Tri-Cities Cask Festival Association, a Past President of CAMRA Vancouver, and a past executive with Camra BC. Warren writes the Homebrew Happenin’s column for What’s Brewing magazine and participates in panel discussions for Pacific Beer Chat.

Steve H.
Pacific Beer Chat


I am a thorough geek: comics, board games, video games, anime, historical swordplay and beer, I love learning about anything. Beyond that I climb and train in mixed martial arts and run a few triathlons a year to keep the beer belly down. Formerly of


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 7.55.50 PM

I feel like I’ve been a student forever but I suppose its only been 20 of my 26 years on this earth. Now working on my second degree, academia has influenced my beer writing greatly. I like to view beer as a reflection of society and culture just like an incredible painting or sculpture. When I write about beer in the Tri-City area of Vancouver I like to consider what beer tells us about social, political, and historical themes in our lives, but I also see the irony in taking a drink such a beer too seriously. (2016)

Inactive Hosts / Former Hosts


Hey! I’m Banny. Okay so that’s not my real name, but it’s what my friends and family call me, so Banny it is. Living in British Columbia, Canada. I’m here to write about the beer I drink and the good times I have doing it.

Mike A


I’m the Beerrater! I love craft beer. I have travelled to many places and sampled A LOT of kinds of beer without knowing a lot about them. Living on the west coast of BC (Victoria and Vancouver BC especially) there is A LOT of beer going on, especially craft brews. Too many people are drinking the regular piss water and are living their lives in a sad state of non-craft beer drinking. I’ve always loved rating things, and often done so in a humourous way. I’m writing this blog as a way of furthering my understanding of Beer and sharing some of the nuggets of info I learn about along the way. Be warned, I’m just telling you what I taste, I’m not a professional taster, nor do I want to be, I’m just a regular dude drinking beer in a regular way.

Jeremy Nemanishen
Craft Beer Vancouver


Jeremy’s beer journey started back in 2000 when he first discovered ‘micro-brewed’ beer – the alternative to the big macro brands that dominated the market. He was interested in the different flavours that these beers provided since they offered so much more than the typical bland, flavourless lagers that were found at the liquor stores. That journey took him to Victoria, BC where he discovered IPAs, then later to Germany where he found classic Pilsners and Lagers, and finally to England where he discovered Real Ale. After returning to the lower mainland Jeremy’s renewed interest in beer had him discovering the best pubs – and later breweries – to get a local pint or fill a growler. Today, Jeremy writes regularly on his blog about local culture, events, and products at, while also writing beer reviews, brewery profiles, and industry articles at as he continues to explore the growing and fascinating world of craft beer.

Terry H
West Coast Beer Geek

terry h

I am a huge craft beer fan, a married father of two younger children (so I don’t get out that much) and I have grown up and lived in the Vancouver area for over 30 years now. One of the goals of this blog is to explore new things around here, whether that involves heading to a new park with the family, a beer festival or simply trying something new at home at night after the kids go to bed I am all for it. The best part about living here, other than the mild weather, is the fact that we have access to so many cool things and places, there is so much variety here that it suites my tastes well. I look forward to all the new adventures, big and small that are to come from life on the West Coast.


Shawna’s craft beer life started shortly after she moved from Ottawa to Victoria in 2008. It’s been a non stop flavour adventure since then! She keeps busy volunteering for CAMRA Vancouver and working on Beer Birds. When she’s not doing that you can find her on a local mountain either hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing or anything that involves nature! During her downtime she’s usually running around a field after a plastic circle. (She loves Ultimate!)

Joe Wiebe
Thirsty Writer


Joe Wiebe, the Thirsty Writer, is the author of Craft Beer Revolution: The Insider’s Guide to B.C Breweries (Douglas & McIntyre, 1st edition May 2013; fully revised 2nd edition March 2015). He is a co-founder of Victoria Beer Week.

Joe has written about craft beer for numerous magazines and newspapers including BCBusiness, Toro, Vancouver, WestWorld, Beer West, Taps, and Taste. He blogs about beer for Tourism BC, is the BC columnist for the Northwest Brewing News, the craft beer columnist for CBC Radio’s All Points West, and is a contributor to The Growler, Vancouver’s craft beer handbook.

Brewtiful British Columbia


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