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We love to produce podcasts for your listening pleasure but it costs a lot of money to do so.   Between hosting, recording gear, travel and the beer itself it all adds up.  If you like what we do and would like to support us head over to Patreon.  We will continue to make the podcast regardless but we can only make it better with your support.

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Affiliate Links

Purchase one of the products below by clicking on our affiliate links and a portion of the sale will come back to Pacific Beer Chat.

Fermented Reality B Cups

Do you like to be in the great outdoors and drink a beer while you are at it?  Pick up one of the multiple styles of B Cups.  These plastic dishwasher safe cups are great for the bush and won’t break if dropped.  You can also follow along with our Trail Brew series of posts where we review a hike and a beer.  if you want to buy your own glasses click on the photos below.


Do you like to have a beer while out and about?  The Trinken might just be your stealth beer cup.    With a stealth lid that plugs into a 355ml can you can go out for that walk while still having your favourite brew.  No questions are asked as it looks like you are having a coffee.  You can even source yourself a larger cup for tall cans! Check out our review here.  Click on the photos below to purchase your own.


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