After Hours Pale Ale – Central City Brewers & Distillers

From Central City Brewers & Distillers (Red Racer Brewing) in Surrey comes their “After Hours Pale Ale” an Old Fashioned styled pale ale with Whisky, Orange Peels and Cherries.  This beer is blended with their Lohin McKinnon Single malt Whiskey as well as their in house made bitters Cherry and Orange.  The beer pours a orange colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of orange, orange peel, cherry and a hint of vanilla.  The flavour is of whiskey, vanilla, orange, orange peel, cherries, grain, mild bitterness and a hint of oak.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.5% with an IBU of 35.  While I do not know what an Old Fashioned should taste like I do quite enjoy what this beer is serving up.  Their bitters displayed in the photo below can only currently be purchased at their brewery in Surrey.

Commercial Description:  The Red Racer ‘Spirited’ series gives a new take on the classic Old-Fashioned whisky cocktail.  Blending Lohin McKinnon single malt whisky with our house-made bitters, orange peels and cherries makes this pale ale worth sneaking out for.  Like an Old-Fashioned, expect strong notes of orange peel and orange zest, with a hint of malt sweetness, a kiss of whisky, and garnished with a cherry.


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