Summer Remix mix pack – Moody Ales

From Moody Ales in Port Moody comes their “Summer Remix Mix Pack” containing the Pool Party Raspberry Hefe and the Sunday Funday Lime Kolsch.  Like the original Mixed Forecast pack this one hits the spot for the weather as we have hit our first heat wave of the year.

Pool Party Raspberry Hefe 

Pool Party Raspberry Hefe pours a orange pink colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists huge raspberry, berries, sweetness and wheat.  The flavour is of pith, raspberry, herbal and wheat but none of the sweetness of the berries and maybe a hint of tartness.   The alcohol content comes in at 4.8%.  I wish this brew had just a bit more sweetness but it is enjoyable.

Sunday Funday Lime Kolsch 

Sunday Funday Lime Kolsch pours a cloudy yellow colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of lime, big citrus, sweetness and some grains.  The flavour is of tart lime, overall citrus, grain, bready malts and sweetness.  The alcohol content comes in at 5.1%.  Now this is a summer beer I can definitely get behind.  Lots of flavour with low alcohol content.

Wile I prefer the Lime Kolsch i would definitely not turn down a can of the Hefe either.  Nice mixed pack for the crazy hot weather to be sure.


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