Episode 41 – Hopwired Festival 2018

On Feb 24th, 2018 the first Annual Hopwired Festival was held in Vancouver at the Croatian Cultural Center. Hopwired is a craft beer and coffee fusion festival and was a blast! The team that put it on killed it and I am glad to see that it will be back for a repeat performance next winter! This episode checks in with some of the breweries and coffee roasters.

Blogger Involved:

Carnell of http://brewardinlet.com/

Intro By Conundrum – Website, Facebook, Instagram

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks – 2:13
Backcountry Brewing – 3:42
Prototype Coffee – 5:25
Van Pours, Beertiful BC – 7:28
Yellow Dog Brewing – 9:05
Moody Ales – 10:40
Fun Facts – 15:52
Lighthouse Brewing – 17:10
The Flying Beer Girl – 21:38

Thanks to Vancouver Coffee Snob for allowing me to use their photos on this show notes page.


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