Episode 101 – What’s Brewing Tasting Panel – What Gose ‘Round


This is our first official tasting panel episode with Whats Brewing Magazine in conjunction with Legacy Liquor Store in Vancouver.  The magazine is a quarterly and each issue has a tasting panel that features a style of beer.  Editor Dave Smith hooked up with us to do a podcast version of the tasting panel to highlight the local beer industry and also highlight some of the great local beers on sale at Legacy Liquor Store.  This quarter we took on the Gose style.  We tried Gose from Torchlight Brewing, Red Racer Brewing, Driftwood Brewery,  Field House Brewing, Moody Ales and Vancouver Island Brewing.

Tune in to learn more about these beers.

Podcasters Involved:

Mike G of Pacific Beer Chat

Warren of Fraser Mills fermentation / Whats Brewing Magazine

Mike A of The Beerrater

Carnell of Breward Inlet

Dave of What’s Brewing

Intro By Conundrum – WebsiteFacebookInstagram


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