Steve Has Signed Up for BC Beer Wars 2019

I have just announced that I will be participating in the BC Beer Wars 2019 boxing competition supporting community programs at Eastside Boxing Club.  Vancouver Island Brewing has kindly donated 50L of canned beer to the event to be sold in support of the same cause.

I haven’t always been interested in boxing or similar sports, I do historical fencing with Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly, which shares a lot of values with Eastside Boxing, but I recently started training boxing with them twice a month, more as a way to improve my fencing by getting used to different movement than anything, and it turns out I enjoy it. So when it came time for the 2019 BC Beer Wars I thought it would be fun to join and really take boxing seriously for a short but intense time.

The first couple of classes have been fun and I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone and really digging into all the technical aspects of boxing.  The emphasis has been on footwork so far as well as a lot of conditioning so we don’t just gas out in the first 30 seconds of our bout.

Vancouver Island Brewing has been incredibly supportive, even having some of their staff setup a fundraiser at the Dubh Linn Gate in Vancouver to further support ESB’s social programs.  I look forward to fighting under their flag.  On Sunday, February 17, 5-9pm $1 from every pint of Vancouver Island Faller Pale Ale sold goes towards my $500 fundraising goal.  Please come down and support us, we’ll be there chatting with everyone.  Facebook event  If you can’t make it you can always donate directly here


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