Episode 56 – Brews Brothers Vol 4

For the fourth year in a row Parallel 49 Brewing in East Vancouver has made their Brews Brothers mixed pack.  This years theme was New Wave music and they brought in the breweries Bad Tattoo, Twin Sails, Parkside, R&B, Riot, Mount Arrowsmith, Postmark, Boombox, Gladstone, Red Collar, Superflux and Faculty Brewing.  This is the only 12 pack I have bought in some time and I was happy I picked it up.

Podcasters Involved:

Mike G of www.pacificbeerchat.com

Carnell of http://brewardinlet.com/

Banny of https://brewsbabesbanny.com/

Intro By Conundrum – WebsiteFacebookInstagram

Parallel 49 Brewing – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website

Hopped UP Network Promo – Women Drinking Beer


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