Episode 17 – BJCP Judged Beer Awards


Pacific Beer Chat Podcast #17

In our latest episode we talk about BJCP judged Beer Awards.  Our opinions about then and some of our ideas.

Bloggers / Podcasters involved include:

Carnell of http://brewardinlet.com/

Chelsea of http://brewtifulbc.ca/

Steve of www.mikescraftbeer.com

Mike G of www.mikescraftbeer.com

Episode 17


4 thoughts on “Episode 17 – BJCP Judged Beer Awards

    • Mike says:

      What don’t you know? It’s opinion. We have ours and it seems you have yours. What is your opinion? Instead of belittling let’s start a conversation. It’s far more constructive.


      • Cory says:

        Question 1. I don’t know why my friend sent me a link to thing. Not sure if it’s a one off or a weekly etc

        Question 2- opinions are fine but they should be supported by facts Example. Suggesting a beer submitted as a blonde that was black would get docked a tonne of points is factually incorrect. Appearance is 3 points out of 50. In my opinion 6% is not substantial. As the speaker was presenting himself as an authority on the limitations of a BJCP event I would think he would know how a judging form scoresheet is structured in a competition.

        In that vein my assessment of the opinions expressed were weak along with other arguments presented against them. By weak I mean not strong enough to stand up to the gentlest rigor of a counter argument. (None of course was Provided). i don’t see this as anything to be offended about, it’s a view of your opinion, not you.

        The purpose of my post was to start a conversation that provided a counter view to what was discussed. Mission accomplished.

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  1. Mike says:

    To start we are more or less a monthly podcast but have sporadically done more than one episode a month and this month will definitely have more content and it will be varied.

    Next part not one of us said we were BJCP certified but some of us have judged in competitions with BJCP judges and we have also talked to many breweries that have received score cards back that say not to style and a horrible rating but not other cause. We are not talking just appearance. It is both aroma and flavour to mouthfeel. In a competition that I judged this year two BJCP judges wanted the North East IPA’s taken out of the contest as they did not fit into the IPA or other categories in the completion. Not just the look of them but the flavour was a big one for them as it was not bitter like the accepted American IPA. The mouthfeel was also off to them. If it was not for the other judges that wanted it to stay in the competition it would not have won the best of show on the merits it was the best beer that was sampled. It came down to one beer that was bang on to style guidlines and the beer that was by for more interesting, flavourful and aromatic. To say that a beer should win because it stays to a rigid guideline flies in the face of what craft beer is all about. Experimentation.

    The reason to ask for more clarification on your point was that your argument was non existent. It was a statement against our opinions which are held by many in the craft beer industry on both the brewery and drinker side.

    The BJCP is a great learning tool but it stifles what makes this beer next level.

    Thanks for checking us out and thanks for your friend passing on the link to start a dialog.


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