Episode 11 – Women in Craft Beer


Pacific Beer Chat Podcast #11

Women are a very important part of the craft beer industry.

In the spirit of this we talk to some of the women in the industry about Women’s role in the craft beer world.  I am honored that these ladies were willing to join us and I hope they will join us again.

Bloggers Involved include:

Mike A (and Britt) of http://thebeerrater.com/

Terry of http://westcoastbeergeek.com/

mike G of http://www.mikescraftbeer.com

Welcome to

Shawna of http://beerbirds.com/

And special guests

Joanna of Old Yale Brewing and https://www.instagram.com/rasputinainvisible/

Lundy of Pink Pints

Amber of http://www.raincoastbrews.com/


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