Episode 9 – IPA is on the Rise


IPA is on the Rise (Pacific Beer Chat Podcast #9)

In the latest episode of Pacific Beer Chat we talk about the IPA.  How it had waned in popularity and how it is surging once again.  From West Coast IPA’s to New England IPA’s (East Coast IPA’s), Milkshake IPA’s and beyond.

Bloggers Involved include:
Mike A of http://thebeerrater.com/

mike G of http://www.mikescraftbeer.com

Carnell of http://brewardinlet.com/

Terry of http://westcoastbeergeek.com/

and welcome

Chelsea of http://brewtifulbc.ca/

Beer reviews from this episode:
Mike’s Craft Beer – EZ Duz It IPA – Boombox Brewing

West Coast Beer Geek – Flagship IPA

Mike’s Craft Beer – Hot Take Zero IBU IPA

Mike’s Craft Beer –  Nitro Mango Milkshake IPA 


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