Episode 124 – Variety Pack

  On this episode we sit down to a selection of brews from 4 different breweries including Twin Sails Brewing, Love Shack Libations, 9 Mile Legacy and Wild Ambition Brewing. Tune in to find out more about the beers! Podcaster Involved: Mike G of Pacific Beer Chat Steve H of Pacific Beer Chat Warren of Fraser Mills fermentation / Whats … Continue reading Episode 124 – Variety Pack

Episode 25 – Russian Imperial Showdown

  For the latest episode we got together at 12 Kings Pub to discuss some world class Russian Imperial Stouts.  Stouts came from Nokomis Craft Ales out of Saskatchewan, Cigar City Brewing out of Tampa Florida and two from De Struise Brouwers out of Belgium. Bloggers Involved: Carnell of http://brewardinlet.com/ Chelsea of http://brewtifulbc.ca/ Steve of www.mikescraftbeer.com Mike A of www.thebeerrater.com Mike G of www.mikescraftbeer.com And guests: Lundy … Continue reading Episode 25 – Russian Imperial Showdown

Episode 23 – 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Company

  On October 17th, 2017 Mike found himself in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. He reached out to a few breweries and luckily was able to hook up with 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Company. Mike sat down with cofounder Shawn Moen. This brewery makes tasty beer and has a cool story. This is our first episode removed from … Continue reading Episode 23 – 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Company